Date of birth:
September 1841

Place of Birth:
Paddington, London

John Chapman


Location of murder:

17 Hanbury Street

Found by:
John Davis

6:00am 8 September 1888

The north side of Hanbury Street is now covered by the sprawling mass of the buildings that were formerly the Truman Brewery. Locals believe her ghost haunts this brewery

Mode of Murder:

There was several bruises over her body

The throat had been severed. The incisions into the skin indicated that they had been made from the left side of the neck

There were two distinct clean cuts on the left side of the spine. They were parallel with each other and separated by about half an inch

The abdomen had been entirely laid open:
The intestines had been lifted out of the body and placed on the
shoulder of the corpse; whilst from the pelvis, the uterus and its appendages with the upper portion of the vagina and the posterior two thirds of the bladder, had been entirely removed