Real Name:
Mary Ann Nicholls

Date of birth:
26 August 1845Place of Birth:
Dean Street, London

William Nicholls


Location of murder:
Buck’s Row (since renamed Durward Street)

Found by:
Charles Cross

Between 3.40 – 3.45am 31 August 1888

Mode of Murder:

Five of the teeth were missing.

A bruise running along the lower part of the jaw on the right side of the face.

There was a circular bruise on the left side of the face.

On the left side of the neck there was an incision that ran from a point immediately below the ear.

On the same side there was a circular incision which completely severed all the tissues down to the vertebrae.

The large vessels of the neck on both sides were severed.

On the left side was a wound running in a jagged manner. The wound was a very deep one, and the tissues were cut through.